What is a Living Book?

What does that mean? The Cryptocurrency marketplace changes at light speed. What is sound advice today, is BAD advice tomorrow. As a result we feel it is important to get you the best information updated and timely. The living book allows this to happen.

Should you opt to buy a living book license vs. just the hard copy book from Amazon, you get access to ALL updated versions for 5 years, AND the ability to embed in the book YOUR affiliate links to all mentioned services and products that have affiliate programs. 


Once you have purchased a license, you simply login and click the My Living Books Link to then click generate to get the latest version of the book.

If you go to Configure Living Books, you can set all the embedded links with YOUR affiliate links and contact info to share with your friends anytime there is an update.

Remember it is NOT a free book, but you can FREELY SHARE IT and encourage those you share it with to share it with others they think may be interested.

You let people read it for free on the basis if your contacts love it, they can freely pass it on to others and YOU would earn on any service sold as a result of YOUR affiliate links, or they buy a living book license of the book and you now have a retail sale and earn the retail profit, and it can help to qualify you for commissions.

Welcome to a new paradigm in publishing!